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Wellness Recipe belongs to the Wellness Group of companies. The restaurant provides food for green and organic lifestyle enthusiast whereby food served are either organic, natural or a combination. As part of the company’s passion towards wellness, the menu also offers a range of functional nutritional organic juicing beverages.

Hence, that is not all; Wellness Recipe considers other approaches towards wellness such as adopting the Japanese’s five colour food principles namely White, Black, Red, Green and Yellow in her interest to provide nutritional value to her customers. It is also undeniable that those colours draws appetite from its visual appeal, other than their distinctive taste deriving from its different natural coloured ingredients.

Interestingly, besides the Japanese’s principles over food colours, there seem to be similarity and nuances in its colour interpretation from other national cultures. Wellness Recipe inclusively considers the Chinese expression for the five colours in food ‘White, Black, Green, Red, Yellow’ to promote health towards different body organs. The Chinese sees that ‘Green’ nourishes the liver, ‘Red’ maintains the heart, ‘Yellow’ harmonises the spleen and stomach, ‘White’ soothes the lungs and ‘Black’ sustains the kidney.

Common ingredients selected by the restaurant are delightfully thought out. For example, brown rice is used over conventional white rice, Himalaya salt substitutes table salt, brown sugar over white sugar. In addition, the ‘noodles’ such as Udon and Ramen contains no alkaline, and impressively the Mihun is made from organic brown rice.




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