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🎈🎈Your Alkaline Plant-based Protein Powder specifically designed for Wellness and Fitness🎈🎈
✨ Beet Your Limit ✨ Now further enhanced with CoQ10

Made from 100% Plant-Based Ingredients
✨ Premium Pisane Golden Pea Protein
– Contain all 9 essential amino acids, non allergen and suitable for vegetarians
– With LEAN90, adding more high quality protein for your day is simple and convenient
– It’s really easy to digest (98% digestibility)

✨ Organic Beet
– With more vitamins & minerals in each serving from Organic Beet
– Helps to fulfill your daily protein needs
– Nourishing you with other nutrients such as calcium, iron and potassium for the body to function normally
– Our Organic Beet is Certified Organic by the USDA

✨ Prebiotic Fibre
– Helps to stay full longer
– Increases good bacteria
– Improves digestion

✨ Coenzyme Q10
– Helps sustain energy level
– Stimulate immune system

✨ Natural Flavor
– Katemfe fruit native from West Africa
– Natural vanilla flavor

What are the BENEFITS of LEAN90 ❓❓❓
👍 Nutritional Support to Stay Fit, Young & Healthy
~ Reduce Visceral Fat & 3 Highs
~ Reduce Fatigue
~ Maintain Muscle Mass
~ Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails

👍 Ideal Meal Replacement for Weight Loss & Reduce Visceral Fat
~ Low in calorie (97 kcal)
~ 14g Protein
~ 1.4g Fat
~ 7.3 Carbohydrate

👍 Boost Vitality and Fitness
~ Betaine in beets helps to improve blood circulation, helping promote muscle gain and fat loss.

👍 Meal-On-The-Go for People with a Busy Work Schedule
~ The complete healthy meal for those in a hurry, easy & convenient

👍 Nutrition Support going through Cancer
~ LEAN90 is an alkaline protein with no added sugar, easy and convenient way to stay nourished when appetite is poor
~ Also contains CoQ10 to help sustain energy level, stimulate immune system and act as antioxidant to fight cancer

Suggested Usage:
✨ Mix 2 heap scoops of LEAN90® in 1 cup (250ml) water, shake and go!
✨ Mix 2 heap scoops of LEAN90® in 1 cup (250ml) water, add fruits to make your favourite smoothie!
✨ Mix 2 heap scoops of LEAN90® with fruits and nuts/ whole grains to make protein bowl!


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