Why you should be on a juice cleanse

Juice cleanses and organic living are all the rage right now! And for the right reasons. People switching to a juicing program have reported a clear and instant improvement in overall health, energy and improved weight loss efforts.

Recent studies have shown that juicing programs are a productive and powerful way to reset the body’s systems and start over. They play a huge part in replacing the body’s gut bacteria.

The best thing about them being the fact that they can be integrated into your existing diet or taken as a 3-5 day cleansing program.

Specialized juicing programs target different systems of the body, and can be taken according to personal need.

This is where we at Wellness Concept come in. We provide juice detox programs centered around our most effective and best-selling product, BARLEYGREEN®, paired with several of our other products.

Functional Juicing Program

Consisting of BARLEYGREEN®, Beta Beet and Beta Carrot, this program is ideal for people who are easily irritable, get tired and lethargic in an instant with the slightest physical activity. It also improves skin complexion and has anti-aging effects.

Colon Detox Program

For those with poor digestive health due to excess consumption of processed junk food high in sugars. As a bonus, it also boosts immunity and helps lower cholesterol and keep diabetes in check. BARLEYGREEN®, Probio+Plus and FiberGreen are the stars of this program.

Fit For Life Program

Fitness fanatics who are particular about maintaining a certain weight and also keeping up with their meal plans, while gaining muscle mass are going to love this program comprised of BARLEYGREEN®, Probio+Plus and Lean90.

Energy Booster Program

Like it says in the name, this program made up of BARLEYGREEN®, Probio+Plus and Flax-100 gives a much required push to boost a person’s energy, and also helps tackle high cholesterol and uric acid levels, along with joint pain.

Liver Detox & Colon Cleansing Program

The most thorough and versatile program out of everything we provide, it helps heal eye bags and dark circles, relieves sensitive, dry skin and makes one lose excess water weight. Backaches caused due to excessive slouching and sitting can be treated too. Along with all of the above, it also improves poor skin complexion. BARLEYGREEN®, Beta Carrot, Beta Beet and Probio+Plus are the products that help us pull this off.

These assortments of products handle almost every system in the body to promote maximum health and wellness.



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