Why you should be drinking Hydrogen Water

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

People from all around the world, over several hundred years, have consumed water from certain springs that they claim has had healing properties. Over the years, we've dismissed these claims as hearsay and superstition.

Traditions always have a semblance of truth behind them. Samples of water from these springs were taken and scientifically analyzed. What researchers found was a higher than usual concentration of molecular hydrogen in said samples. Scientists were able to put two and two together and figure out the cause behind the long-held healing properties that these waters possessed.

Hydrogen has long been known as a natural antioxidant and has been used for therapeutic purposes since the 60s. Japan has already adopted hydrogen therapy, a slew of hydrogenated products are available in these markets.

It is proven that continuous oxidative stress plays an important part in causing many types of lifestyle diseases. One of the most dangerous and active radicals produced by the body in metabolic processes are hydroxyl OH free radicals, which destroy cells and permanently damage DNA structures.

Hydrogen acts as a powerful antioxidant and neutralizes free radicals, thus preventing them from causing any further harm. Alongside its properties as an antioxidant, hydrogen can also be used against inflammation as it inhibits the production of nitric oxide.


Growing evidence suggests that hydrogen's ability to neutralize free radicals built up in the skin, prevent them from damaging the collagen and elastin. Consuming hydrogenated water has been shown to keep skin looking young and maintaining its elasticity.

Boost Workout Performance

Vigorous exercise increases oxidative stress too and leads to overproduction of free radicals. Drinking hydrogenated water before an intense workout can boost up performance and promote muscle recovery.

Anti-cancer effects

Cancerous cells have increased oxides and radicals, which directly contribute to DNA damage, and lead to the growth of more cancer cells. Hydrogen water helps curb the production of oxide species and radicals and helps in the treatment of cancer.

Hydrogen water generators such as H2Zen, provided by Wellness Concept, make it convenient to generate hydrogen infused water at home and make use of its several health benefits.

H2Zen uses state-of-the-art Korean and Japanese technology to generate hydrogen water with a concentration of over 1000 ppb (parts per billion). It keeps you energetic, keeps skin looking young and protects against diseases.


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