New Year, New You

Every year in December, gyms all around the world make a quick buck, owing to thousands, maybe millions of people making resolutions to hit the gym and straighten their lives out. Naturally, majority of these people give up on these promises in the coming months.

2020, being the last year of the decade, will be different, you might think. While this is exactly the kind of positive energy you need coming your way, you won’t go too far without planning and setting goals.

When it comes to resolutions related to health and wellness, no goal is unachievable. Keeping this in mind, a person must be realistic, gauge their willpower and set targets that they know they will hit.

What we’ve noticed is, people usually jump right into their yearly resolutions without easing into them, which obviously burns them out early on. According to a recent survey, only 9% of people succeed in keeping up with their resolutions. What are these people doing right that the rest of us are missing out on?

People are bound to hit roadblocks when they set their mind on doing anything. Minor setbacks are normal and shouldn’t be reason enough to give up altogether. Keeping a journal and noting down your progress, looking at how far you’ve come can help maintain that spark everyone has at the beginning of each year.

Joining a support group of people with similar goals can also motivate you to work hard towards sticking by your resolution.

Setting intermediate goals in between your final one helps in killing two birds with one stone. It gives you a sense of accomplishment as you’re making progress towards your ultimate objective.

Willpower is half the battle, we at Wellness Concept can help you with the other half. With products like H2Zen, Beta Beet, and BARLEYGREEN®, you can provide perfect supplements to your weight loss and fitness programs.

Keeping up with the holiday spirit, we have several limited-time deals, including an H2Zen Christmas Hamper, Wellness D’Tox Spa Vouchers and an Organic Beet Juicing Program to help you and your loved ones hit their personal targets with ease!



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