Natural Healing with Alkaline and Enzyme

Are you aware that a healthy body needs a slightly alkaline environment of pH 7.35 – 7.45?

An acidic body can cause health setbacks due to external pollution and self-generated waste in the body; one may begin with digestive disorders namely acid reflux resulting heartburn; or an experience of irritable bowel syndrome comprising cramps, bloats, diarrhea, constipation, stool mucus, gas; and perhaps a bulb of hemorrhoid.

Moreover, acidity can lead to arteriosclerosis (thickening of artery walls); cardiovascular diseases; diabetes; low bone density; and a breeding environment of harmful bacteria, virus and other microorganism. Should these mentions ‘stifle you’, take caution… the acidity does decrease oxygen from reaching your body cells to effectively eliminate waste including carbon dioxide. With time, the weaken immune system caused by the unhealthy build up will manifest itself in the form of infections, swells, inflammation and other complications.

We need essential alkalizing nutrients and plant enzymes to support our body towards natural healing. Dr. Hagiwara, a renowned research scientist and founder of BarleyGreen discovered the remarkable qualities of young barley grass. BarleyGreen ’s rich ions are the source to significantly alkalize the body. The state of alkalizing highly promotes waste excretion, inclusive alleviating plaque formation in blood vessels, prevents accumulation of calcium in the urine and formation of kidney stones while thus alleviating allergies. To simply describe it, an alkaline environment starves off diseases; as such this allows our body a chance for self-healing with the supportive retained essential nutrients from BarleyGreen fueled with 16 vitamins; 17 minerals; 18 amino acids and its remarkable supply of more than 300 types Live Enzymes.

BarleyGreen's excelled bounty of at least 300 types of live enzymes including Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) effectively enhances the absorption of nutrients besides offering its antioxidant benefits. Another enzyme named P4D1 in BarleyGreen contains anti-inflammatory compounds and has its capability in assisting restoration of damaged DNA in the cell’s nucleus. Researchers have also found the presence of “2’ ’-O-GIV” flavonoid which performs 500 times more effectiveness than vitamin E that supportively synergizes with the vitamin C fueled in BarleyGreen.

Natural enzymes are essential to process digestion as well as enabling oxygen to be carried into our blood stream or cells. What’s more the mechanism of blood clotting, synthesis of new cells, limb movements, and mind functions requires enzymes. The fueled enzymes of BarleyGreen are also capable in harmonizing the physiological functions while meritoriously detoxifying the liver.

This exquisite brand of 30 Years is distinct in providing ‘Rich Enzymes for Effective Detoxification’, ‘Superb Alkaline for a Balanced Body experience’ and ‘a Wholesome Superfood packed with nutrients and enzymes for an accomplished absorption by our body’.


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