H2 zen water or Hydrogen water can help rid bloated tummy!

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

Give it a try, it helps flush out toxins from your body!

Ms. Mariann Khor

I used to go to Setia Spice Arena to dance every weekend and one day I came across Wellness Concept’s Body Toxicity Analysis (BTA). My results back then did not look good, the nutritionist advised me to consume their Juicing Program which consists of Barleygreen, Beta Carrot and Beta Beet. I’ve been consuming it since May 2016, it has been 3 and a half years.

As I continue, my results in Body Toxicity Analysis (BTA) has improved a lot compared to then.

Besides consuming their Juicing Program, I have also been loving their new hydrogen water generator device - H2 zen. Before consuming hydrogen water, my stomach will feel bloated after drinking normal water. But after drinking hydrogen water, my stomach doesn’t feel bloated anymore!

It is thanks to the small hydrogen molecules that helps flush out toxins from the body and fight off free radicals.

以前每个周末我都会到Setia Spice Arena跳舞,偶然机会通过Body Toxicity Analysis (BTA)发现我的身体状况欠佳,营养师建议我做Juicing疗程,包含Barleygreen, Beta Carrot and Beta Beet。我从2016年5月服用至今已经有3年半了,我的身体有明显的进步及改善。

除了蔬果汁疗程之外,我也喜欢他们的新产品 - 便捷式富氢水杯 H2 zen。 在还没有饮用富氢水之前,我喝了普通的水之后就会感到腹胀。 但是饮用富氢水之后,我就没有腹胀了 !


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