Breast Cancer 乳腺癌

Lim Suat Lean

In October 2010, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After going through operations twice to remove the tumor and some lymph nodes, I continued with a radiotherapy treatment for one month. I did not go through a chemotherapy treatment as recommended by the doctor because I felt that my body was not strong enough and my family condition ( I have four kids, the eldest was 13 years old while the youngest was less than 3 years old at that time) did not allow me to go through the process with a peaceful mind. I believe that there will be a better alternative for me.

I decided to change my cancer-causing unhealthy life style and eating patterns and also started to consume health supplements to enhance my health. I started taking Wellness Concept products in May 2013. At first I tried SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN®. I was happy with the results. I regained my energy level and there was even a reduction in my backache. In July, I decided to drink SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN® with Beta Beet and Beta Carrot.

I felt more energetic and my red blood cell count and quality improved after consuming these products for more than 6 months. From the beginning I have fully accepted that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Besides maintaining a healthy lifestyle and good eating habits, I choose to help people in needs, keep happy and positive throughout my experience to maintain positive energy. I have discovered that because of cancer that I am now living with a healthier, better and more meaningful life !


我相信自己可以通过其他方法战胜癌症!除了把之前致癌的不良生活及饮食习惯改正过来,我也食用保健食品来改进自身的健康。2013年5月我开始试用SUPERFOOD ORGANIC BARLEYGREEN®,我感觉到疲倦及腰酸背痛的症状改善了。


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