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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

All at the same time! Ask me how.

Ms. Christine Ang

I was introduced to Wellness Concept and its product by the recommendation of my friend Mary Seng. Through my Body Toxicity Analysis (BTA) , I was advised to go through a 4 months Liver Detox Program in which I started in March this year. On September, Wellness Concept launched H2 zen- hydrogen water generator device.

Before this, I’ve heard the benefits of it, the hydrogen molecules are small, when I drink it with juicing it allows better absorption of it. Most importantly, it allows us to live longer and healthier. Moreover, it helps our skin to stay hydrated, my skin feels incredibly supple, hydrated and smooth. I always suffer from conjunctivitis, both of my eyes would turn red with uncomfortable eye discharge. I cleaned it using hydrogen water, then mist it with Nano Mist Spray. And it recover in just 2 days, I can now wave goodbye to conjunctivitis! I drink 5 cups of hydrogen water daily, especially drinking it with juicing.

Do you believe that juicing could bring you wealth too ? Within 6 months, I earned 12K, 2K per month, especially with H2 zen, in just a month I’ll be able to earn 1.8K by just selling 3 devices, with just twice of it I earn 3.7K a month ! If you wish to experience the same, sharing the products to others, earning 2-3K a month, do join me today !

I would teach you how to easily earn 2-3K every month !

我是通过朋友Mary Seng介绍认识Wellness Concept 与产品。通过 Body Toxicity Analysis (BTA), 我的上线建议我做4个月的肝脏排毒疗程,而我在三月份开始进行 这个疗程。在九月份的时候,公司带进新产品 H2 zen - 产生氢气的电器。

我之前就有听说过它的好处,氢气的分子很小,所以用氢水冲 juicing 可以让我们的深层细胞更容易吸收。最重要的是让我们活得健康和长寿,活着就是要健健康康才有意义!除此之外,还可以帮助我们的肌肤保湿,达到肌肤水当当的效果。 我经常会有红眼疹,两眼红红的,很多眼屎,黏黏的很不舒服。我就用氢水来清洗眼睛,然后用纳米喷雾来帮助舒缓。没想到两天就好了,以后我可以跟红眼疹说拜拜啦! 我每天都会喝五杯的氢水,而在早晚特别用氢水来冲Juicing 喝。

喝果汁也能致富 ,您相信吗?我在这六个月里总共赚了12K,平均一个月2K,尤其是 H2 zen, 一个月只要卖出三个就可以赚1.8K,重复2轮就有3.7K! 如果你也想和我一样,跟别人分享产品, 个月就赚2-3K,马上加入我!我教你轻轻松松分享,每个月就会有2-3K进口袋!

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