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Diet and Health

Every day we learn more and more about the importance of nutrients-of-on or lifestyles and health. This knowledge increasingly points to preventive, if not therapeutic, properties of foods. There have always been casual links between diet and health, and epidemiological studies have proven many of them true. With the knowledge from these studies, we have moved to the laboratory and identified elements in plants that may benefit health, such as phytochemicals.

In the News

Popular magazines and medical journals have published articles on the possible inhibitory effects of tomatoes (lycopene) on protein cancer, soybeans (Genistein) on tumour growth, and garlic (allicin) on high blood pressure. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has acknowledged the possible health benefits of plants in their dietary guidelines. The 1995 guidelines say, ""

Isolated Matter

Many companies see the potential benefits of these plant substances and run to the extract lab thinking that if specific elements can be isolated, supplements can be made. However, supplements may not be the best source of these elements. There are many substances within plants, and we have no way of knowing which ones interact or how they interact. An "Inconsequential" substance may be the catalyst for another. An indication of this is the positive results of many epidemiological and clinical studies on whole foods.

The Whole Food Solution

BarleyGreen is a whole food concentrate that contains all the nutrients and phytochemicals of green barley leaves in natural proportions. In the following materials we refer to a few of the constitutes of BarleyGreen 'constituents that may have an effect on the body system but what makes BarleyGreen an effective food is its "wholeness." Consider the constituents referred to in the following studies inseparable parts of a synergistic whole. "The antioxidant nutrients found in plants foods (vitamin C, carotene, vitamin E, and the mineral selenium) are presently of great interest to scientists and the public because of their potentially beneficial role in reducing the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases"

U.S. Department of Agriculture 1995 Dietary Guidelines

This wholeness is what attracted Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara the creator of BarleyGreen to barley. He studied all the green plants in Japan before narrowing his scope to 150 leafy, green varieties. Through extensive research, he found that many plants had satisfactory nutrition, but none contained as wide a spectrum of nutrients as green barley. Intensive study of green barley leaves continues today. Ten percent of the wholesale price of BarleyGreen is dedicated to ongoing green barley research. The result is BarleyGreen - a whole food concentrate that contains all the nutrients necessary for a healthy, balanced diet in the natural proportions found in green barley leaves.


  • Green barley and

  • Antioxidants

  • The Immune system

  • Hypocholesterolemic activity

  • Growth hormone and prolactin

  • Anti-inflammatory activity

  • Unique BarleyGreen processing system

  • Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara

  • Nutrients

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