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Ever felt the pain and stiffness in the neck?

People today tend to get more sedentary in their lifestyle and tend to stay in one position for long hours. Therefore, neck pain and stiff neck are the 2 most common diseases of civilization caused by that.

A stiff neck is characterized by difficulty in movement and soreness of the neck. This typically happens when we try to move our heads to another side.

A stiff neck is often accompanied by neck pain which is the experience of pain in or surrounding the spine below our heads.

How common are Neck Pain and Stiffness?

Stiff neck and neck pain are prevalent issues that affect the majority of the population across the globe and Malaysian citizens are not spared from them.

Depending on the country, it was recorded that the prevalence rate of neck pain ranges from 16% to 75% across the globe.

How common are Neck Pain and Stiffness?

1. Mental stress. Stress is one the most common cause of neck pain as it would result in tension and tightening of the muscles around the neck.

2. Physical strain. The overuse of neck muscles due to staying in the same position for a prolonged period of time would also lead to stiffness and pain.

3. Injury. Sudden forced movement of the neck or head would affect the muscles, vertebral joints, ligaments, and nerve roots in the spinal cord causing neck pain.

4. Cancer. Tumor growth may also result in neck pain.

5. Poor posture. This is a common cause as people tend to sit for long periods or have poor computer, keyboard, or chair positioning.

Body Healing Therapy Helps to Relieve Neck Pain & Stiffness

We Listen To Your Body Signals through INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY that uses the concept of TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the meridians are a set of systems with powerful self-regulation ability. The operation of meridians runs through our internal organs and is closely connected and affects the vitality of human beings.

How do we examine the signals from the body?

By combining the concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine with modern innovative technology, we listen to your body signals by detecting the energy status of all the 12meridian points in the body within 3 minutes

Unlock Body Healing with Premium Essential Oils

After understanding your physical condition through the report analysis, our skilled therapist carefully selects the premium essential oil blend to suit your body’s needs. The essential oil is used to enhance self-healing ability and achieve balance from the inside to the outside.

Personalized Body Healing Therapy

This personalized therapy utilizes an electron massage device to activate the meridian points to enhance the body’s natural healing process. You will experience a relaxing sensation you have never experienced before.

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