Fibergreen is a high quality powdered beverage made up of 50 natural whole food ingredients including organic barley grass powder and probiotics (Lactobacili) and FOS (fructooligosaccharides) together with whole food extracts of vegetables, fruits, herbs and grains. It is the perfect product for our detoxification needs by combining soluble psyllium fiber with a variety of cleansing ingredients.



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The ideal ratio of friendly bacteria and harmful bacteria is 85% : 15%. When friendly bacteria decreases, the harmful bacteria will make a mess in the digestive system. This will result to poor immune system, headache, constipation and bodyache. Therefore, friendly bacteria is the answer to solve this problem.



  • Promotes health of circulatory, digestive, immune systems and metabolism.
  • Helps lowers cholesterol level.
  • Stimulates digestion and helps cleanses digestive tract and speeds up waste elimination time.
  • Promotes healthy muscles and nervous system function, reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Aid in constipation.



FiberGreen is the perfect product for your detoxification needs by combining soluble psyllium fiber with a variety of cleansing ingredients.

FiberGreen provides a simple way to cleanse your body system. FiberGreen™ contains probiotic cultures to improve the digestion system and renew energy.


The digestive system is designed to detoxify harmful substances. However, when the body is overburdened with toxins, they may accumulate harmful quantities.


One category of toxins is food additives. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized at least 2,800 substances as food additives. These are used to make food more attractive, satisfy taste buds, or increase the grocery shelf life with an average of 8 to 15 ounces of additives.


Even foods with no additives can cause toxins. When we eat carbohydrates that are too refined –  bread, white flour and so on –  it is like eating glue or paste: they do not slide through the intestines, but instead slog through, sticking to the intestinal walls. Waste builds up in the colon and begins to decay, producing bacteria and toxins, which eventually seep through the bowel wall, where blood capillaries pick them up and distribute them around the body. And when the digestive tract is filled with food residue, it is more difficult for it to absorb nutrients.


FiberGreen supports the body’s natural climination process and helps prevent the day-to-day buildup of toxins. The fiber “sweeps” the digestive tract clean and speeds up waste elimination time. It absorbs toxins and escorts them out of the body. The herbs facilitate detoxification.

Why Should We Consume?

Because it:

•    Eliminates/ flushes out toxins

•    Supports/ aids efficient digestion

•    Promotes healthy blood flow

•    Promotes healthy skin

•    Helps prevent premature skin aging

•    Protects skin and body from toxic irritation and damage

•    Strengthens immune system

•    Relieves constipation, diarrhea

•    Treats diverticular disease and irritable bowel syndrome

•    Helps to prevent gallstones

•    Reduces haemorrhoid pain

•    Lower cholesterol

•    Facilitates weight loss