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Combination of traditional medicine from
Japanese and Islamic civilizations

100% Authentic & High Quality Barley Grass

The barley grass developed by Dr Hagiwara, a Japanese doctor of health, is planted in the Oita area of Japan through cold pressing and spray drying. This processing method protects all the nutrients and beneficial substances in the barley grass.

Habbatus Sauda

From the traditional medicine of the Islamic civilization, contains the active ingredient thymequinone, scientifically proven to provide benefits in the prevention and treatment of various diseases*


来自伊斯兰文明的传统医学 含有活性成分百里香醌,科学证明能够提供预防和治疗各种疾病的益处*

Benefits of Barleygreen® Sauda

1. Provide long-lasting energy

2. Helps control blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and cholesterol

3. Helps relieve asthma, coughs and sore throats

4. All-in-One Natural Multivitamin

How Barleygreen Sauda Made

Nutritional value of Barleygreen Sauda

1 sachet of Barleygreen ® Sauda

5 plates of fruit and vegetables

Formulators by
Nutritionist and Medical Sciense

Nutritional scientists and physiologists

Bachelor of Nutritional Science

Josai International University, Japan

master in medical

University of Malaya, Malaysia

Guaranteed Halal Japan and India, approved by JAKIM


Diformulasi oleh Dr.Yoshihide Hagiwara.Daun barli ini ditanam di Daerah Oita, Jepun dan diproses dengan kaedah perah sejuk (cold-pressed) dan disembur sehingga kering. Kaedah pemprosesan ini melindungi kesemua khasiat dan zat yang terdapat di dalam daun barli.


Organic Barley Grass Juice, Organic Maltodextrin, Organic Brown Rice Extract and Kelp (Kelp) Extract and Black Hemp Powder

Recommended intake

Mix 1 stick (15g) with 180ml of water or your favorite juice. Drink immediately. Do not take with hot liquids, as heat destroys active enzymes. It is recommended to be taken daily on an empty stomach (20 minutes before or 2 hours after meals).

How to store

Store in a cool dry place.

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